Automated Metering

Automated Water Use Metering and Monitoring

The Village of Howard’s 4-year smart water meter replacement program is well underway and the Water Department anticipates that the process of replacing all water meters throughout the Village will be completed in 2017. The new technology will enable wireless reading of water meters, that will improve utility operational efficiencies and add new customer service opportunities. The new meter reading system will be combined with a water use monitoring system called “AquaHawk” that will help customers identify and monitor their own water use trends and identify common problems that can occur in homes and businesses. We encourage all customers to sign up and set alerts in AquaHawk so that you can be automatically notified about suspected issues with leaky toilets, faucets or other unwanted water uses. This will help you eliminate or reduce unnecessary water costs.

The AquaHawk water meter monitoring system is available to customers that already have new Sensus smart water meter(s) installed. Customers will benefit from an advanced leak detection system that identifies abnormal water usage patterns, and uses a notification system to proactively communicate with you via text message, e-mail, or automated voice phone call.

Utility customers benefit from smart water metering and monitoring by being able to see how they can use water more efficiently. Not only can customers save money but they have more control over their utility expenses. Abnormal usage problems that often lead to expensive bills, property damage, or unnecessary consumption, are detected quickly. Customers may specify how they want to be notified: text, e-mail, or phone call.

For more information on Howard’s metering services or for AquaHawk assistance, please click or contact the Public Works Facility at (920) 434-4060 for additional help.

AquaHawk is not the Village’s billing program and is not used to calculate your utility bill. If you have billing questions please call (920) 434-4640. You may pay your utility bill online by clicking

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